and Furious

30 Minute Classes

Heart-pumping, energy-surging, limit-defying workouts, where your body learns to do more than you ever thought possible. That’s what Pump Studio will give you in just 30 minutes per class. We vary our class schedule every week so your body is constantly confused and effectively changing.

Wrecking Ball

Increase your endurance and core stability while holding a four- to eight-pound weighted ball. This full-body conditioning class is a great pairing with any of our strength-training classes.


Designed to build strength, add definition, increase bone density and decrease body fat by increasing lean muscle. You will use hand weights, barbells and your own body weight to change the shape of your body. No muscle gets neglected!


High Intensity Resistance Training is strength training for fat loss. We will take you through a series of strength-training exercises for set number of reps without resting in between. When compared to steady cardio or straight-up resistance training, HIRT burns more calories in less time and boosts both aerobic and anaerobic endurance.


In this minute-on-the-minute class you will perform a low number of reps at the start of each minute at a higher weight to build muscle and strength. From the time you finish your reps set to the end of the minute is all the time you have to rest!


Pulse is a muscular and metabolic conditioning workout that is designed to fatigue each muscle group to failure, utilizing a combination of full movements and isometric training. This workout will make your muscles burn! There are also versions of this class dedicated to upper body only and lower body only.

Power Pump

This is a fast-paced fitness attack aimed at torching body fat, building muscle and boosting strength. You will work through a series of weight training exercises and intermittent cardio bursts.


Light weights with cardio

Rack ‘n’ Roll

Every session targets 2 to 4 major muscle groups by performing reps of various weights. In between each set, you will perform 5 to 10 reps of a body weight or weighted super-set move targeting the same muscle.

Rise and Grind

20 seconds of Olympic and traditional lifts infused with spurts of cardio followed by 10 seconds of rest. Burn fat and build/define muscle in this intense class! There is also an ‘abs edition’ of this training.

Rock Hard Abs

This is 30 minutes of intense core work choreographed to the beat of music. You will work to sculpt your entire abdominal region while having a blast moving along in sync with today’s hottest artists!

Slayday 2.0

This class is a full-body muscle sculpting and fat shredding workout that will challenge you to the point of failure in three sets of 15/12/10 reps.

Bootcamp burner

This 50-minute, Sunday-only class is our best mashup of everything you get during our regular 30-minute classes. This Bootcamp is written differently every week by our expert coaches and designed to get you ready to take on the new week!